June 10, 2015

PAPTAC's Niagara Branch Meeting
Featuring: A presentation on the Safety Culture Program at Sonoco Brantford, by mill manager Jim Maloney; 2015 winner of PAPTAC's National Safety Leadership Award

The Niagra Branch “Technical Day and Golf Meet” will take place June 19, 2015 in Niagara Falls (ON).

The program will focus on Reliability, Safety, and Workforce Renewal, complemented by roundtable discussions on each topic, and followed by an afternoon of golf. The event is open free of charge to all industry members who have an interest in attending.

Please email Carmie Lato to register - (clato@paptac.ca, 514.392.6969).
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Revival of the PAPTAC Western Branch   Papermaking Fall Meeting at Innofibre


PAPTAC is pleased to announce the revival of its Western Branch. Following a growing interest from mills in Western Canada to have a daily forum to discuss current challenges and opportunities and exchange on industry best practices in fields such as safety, leadership, maintenance, alkaline pulping and bioenergy, PAPTAC will resume activities of its Western Branch in 2015. Further details will be announced shortly.



The Papermaking Technology Community will be hosting a Technical and Networking Meeting at Innofibre, Trois-Rivières, QC on september 3rd, 2015.
This activity will feature technical presentations, a tour of the facility as well as a lunch and a group dinner.
Presentations will also be offered as webinars for those unable to attend.

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