April 11, 2014


PAPTAC Launches National Student Community

Eric Jin, University of Toronto
Student Community President


After the initiative of PAPTAC to provide free membership to students, PAPTAC has decided as a second step to create a Student Community to promote networking in the future workforce of our industry.

"This initiative will create a vibrant network for students to be involved in and start developing their future careers. For employers, it will provide easier access to students and will promote their company and the industry." - Greg Hay, PAPTAC Director.

A few universities already responded positively to this new initiative and a board was put in place with Eric Jin, University of Toronto, as the Chairman of the Community. Other members of the Student Executive (Co-chairs) are: Laboni Ahsan, University of New Brunswick, Amit Chowdhury, UNB, Joseph Alexander Mosseler, UNB, Abbas Nikbakht, UBC, Naz Orang, Univ. Toronto, Krista Singh, UofT, François Zasieczny, École Polytechnique de Montréal, Stéphanie Jean, École Polytechnique de Montréal.

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PAPTAC Student Community
Launches Facebook Page
  Review of the Student Poster Session
at PaperWeek by L. Ahsan

In order to facilitate interactions among Canadian students and abroad, PAPTAC is pleased to announce its Students Community now has a page on Facebook. This platform makes a perfect match with the new generation of workers to help promotion and networking. We invite all to ''like'' the page and be part of the group.
Click here for the PAPTAC Students Community Facebook Page

The Student Poster Session has become a must see activity within PaperWeek. A way to build a bridge to connect the academic and industry worlds. The 2014 edition was no exception and let Paperweek's participants see impressive work by some of the most talented of the future generation of workers in our industry.
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