July 6, 2012



24th ISO/TC6, SC2 and SC5 Plenary and Working Group Meetings will be hosted by Canada



Every 18 months, ISO/TC6 (ISO Technical Committee 6 on paper, board and pulps) holds a week of meetings to discuss and resolve technical issues related to the Standards development, and develop new ISO standards and review existing ones. The main objective is to ensure that ISO Standards comply with WTO (World Trade Organization) guidelines for global relevance and, in particular, that they have no adverse effects on fair international trade. The next meeting of TC6 will be hosted by Canada from October 15-19, 2012 and will be taking place at FPInnovations in Pointe-Claire, QC. These meetings are typically attended by about 100 scientific/technical experts coming from 15 to 20 different countries. There are currently 177 standards under TC6 covering all aspects of pulp, paper, tissue and board testing in areas such as environmental, chemical, optical, and physical properties. PAPTAC and its Standard Methods Committee are pleased to actively participate in this important meeting and platform for Standards development.
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Featured PAPTAC Mill champion

Ralph Lunn
Senior Process Engineer,
Zellstoff Celgar
Limited Partnership
PAPTAC is proud to announce Ralph Lunn as the new Mill Champion.

Ralph is a Mechanical Engineering graduate who started his career at Crestbrook Forest industries in Skookumchuck B.C. (now Tembec) as a Project Engineer. He did this for 3 years before going back to school to complete his Masters degree in Pulp and Paper from McGill in 1992. Upon graduation, he started as a Process Engineer for Celgar Pulp in Castlegar B.C.

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About PAPTAC Membership
PAPTAC is a wide and well-organized network of individuals and represents a world of information exchange and experience for the benefit of the professional development of its members and the pulp and paper industry.
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Engineering Data Sheet Update
G-4 - PULP, PAPER AND BOARD MACHINES: Fan Pump Calculations


This data sheet, produced and updated by the Paper Machine Technology Community, provides under a spreadsheet format a simple way to calculate various wet-end flowrates based on a simplified material balance approach, as well as pump power requirements. Calculations are available under separate tabs in either US or metric units.

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